Supafitmama, you had me giggling. 13920831_10157403103385045_7418479871062284199_nI can’t believe we survived that class. Actually, I can’t believe I survived that spin class. Can’t wait to do it again. LOVE your blog. Can’t wait to read more. Cecilia Kooney, SUPAFITMAMA reader



Debbie is a ray of light in the arena of lif13876522_10157229542385385_769697553843290564_nestyle blogging. With grace and humour, her stories touch on issues of culture, body image, and motherhood, but it’s clear that inspiring greater wellness and self-care is Debbie’s overarching mission. Debbie has tried it all & shares everything, and she makes fitness and self-love for moms seem just so freaking do-able. And fun! We should all take such good care of ourselves, and Deb is just the right mama to show us how. Dara Duff Bergeron Founder/Head Trainer Belly Bootcamp


morgancampbellI met Debbie in a powerlifting class. She had come from the world of fitness pageants, and said she started powerlifting because she still had a passion for physical competition but yearned for a healthier, more body positive outlet. And if you ask me what sets Debbie apart from other people in her field, I’d say it’s the same attitude that brought her to the powerlifting class. Some fitness bloggers strive to look a certain way. Debbie strives to be and to do, and that’s a critical difference. She stresses the “health” in health and fitness. That’s refreshing. Morgan Campbell, Sports Business Writer, Toronto Star



“Live out loud everyday” is the philosophy we abide by at Lole Women and Debbie embodies it completely, inside and out. As an ambassador, she has fostered connections between our community and hers, bringing forward new, creative ways to engage women to be active for all the right reasons. Promoting body positive values, she is able to bring a perspective that is rooted in her own experience as a mother and wellness professional and proves to us that anything is possible with the right outlook! Tanya Filipopoulos, Lole Toronto Eaton Center Store Manager



I am grateful for the gift of life and thankful for everyone who has contributed to my growth, adventures and the creation of this site. Special thanks to Kristy Wieber for her mentorship, to my editor, Anthony King, and to photographers, Kate Warren and Chris Pieneman. And to you, my readers, thank you. xo