I’m a more than a fitness enthusiast. I’m a multi-sport athlete who trains to win. After bodybuilding and powerlifting, I’ve returned to an early love – track and field. Now, at age 41, I’m on a mission to become a sprint champion at the 2020 World Masters Athletics Championships!

Writer & Content Creator

I love to create. As with fitness and sport, my approach to communications has been multidisciplinary. Nowadays, you’ll find my narrative journalism and memoir style vignettes throughout lifestyle pieces on my blog, and in my portfolio of published work.

Sport & Fitness Ambassador

As a communicator and ambassasdor, I connect active women with resources and brands across sport, fitness, wellness and lifestyle.

My content, created from a unique lens, focuses on performance, representation, and intersections with culture. The underlying goal is to support girls and women in exploring their strengths, defying expectations and enjoying whole healthy lives.

I am proud to be a Lolë Women Community Ambassador (First Canadian Place, Toronto) a KnixWear Social Ambassador, and the first Canadian Būband Ambassador.