3 Black Friday Deals From Brands I Love

From shopping parties, to photo shoots and award celebrations, I've been feeling like a sporty superstar all week. Now I want to spread the love. Here's a round-up of Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers from three of my favourite brands that support me in athletic performance and in showing up for life! Maybe you'll …

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Būband Holds It Down

Literally and idiomatically, Būband is holding it down. From boobs to beliefs, this athletic brand is revolutionizing support for active girls and women. Boobs first. In my thirty year long attempt to lose the bounce, I have yet to find a sports bra I swear by. While some 'high impact' and 'maximum support' designs have come …

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The Girl’s Gone Diva. DivaCup, That Is.

It wasn't just the trashing of spoiled underwear every month. It was the stained sheets. It was the stealth moves to the women's washroom at work. It was the awkward moments mid-stretch with male trainers. And it was most certainly the tiresome exercise of standing in the Shopper's Drug Mart aisle, piecing together the required assortment of regular, super, super plus and 'active' protection without hemorrhaging dollars from my spending budget.