“Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.”
– Samuel Johnson

It was an otherwise average spring morning, a Tuesday maybe, when a couple of gutsy ladies totally made my day. There I was in my Parkdale apartment, fully dressed in a t-shirt and boy shorts, laptop within reach, favourite mug in hand, ready for my writing day. I clicked on an email from my mentor, Kristy, and within it, the link to a “GREAT talk by Elizabeth Gilbert” (whose books I have not read). “I think you’ll love this-“.

The Super Soul Session opened and Oprah introduced “The Flight of The Hummingbird: The Curiosity Driven Life”. Before long, I was engrossed in the tales and beliefs of this middle-age, sprite-like, best-selling author, whose life I imagined was quite a departure from my own. Then she did it. Liz, ever so eloquently, described me better than I could’ve described myself. I am a hummingbird with a passion for life itself. I’m at my best following my curiosities from field to field and tree to tree.

Volleyball, track & field and jazz dance were early curiosities, alongside fashion drawing and creative writing. At 18, I was an awarded athlete torn between a kinesiology and communications major. By 25, I had a degree in communication studies, a bright future in advertising, and new-found enjoyment in fitness classes. Soon into my 30’s, I was a senior marketing planner with a muffin top and the urge to run – literally and figuratively.

My first 5K race led to my first half marathon, which led to coaching at The Running Room. Getting a personal trainer led to my first bodybuilding win and inspired a new career in fitness. Instructing mom & baby classes at Think Fitness led to creating the Role Model transformation program, which led to publishing Strong, Beautiful Role Model – a fitness and lifestyle guide for new mothers.

During those years, I also indoor rock climbed (once or twice); snowshoed (never again); had a baby; earned my IDFA pro card; won medals in masters track and powerlifting; did photo shoots; appeared on Breakfast Television and Cityline; created the 40×40 challenge; learned to love yoga; and gained valuable insight into what it means for me to live strong, healthy and whole.

Today I am a 41-year old athlete, writer, wife and mother living in my hometown, Toronto, Canada. I’m sponsored by JAMCAN Athletics;  an ambassador for Knix Wear and Lole; a contributor to CBC Parents; and membership director at Totum Life Science. I’m as curious as ever and fired up about sharing my newest goal.

As of May 2017, I’ve set out to become a World Masters Athletics sprint champion, sharing inspiration and life lessons along the way.

Now maybe, just maybe, one of my pieces will make your day. (If that happens, do let me know!) Most of all, I hope you’re inspired to explore life and test your own limits new and healthy ways.

Yours Truly,

Debbie King

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