January in Review: Figuring it out

Everything is figureoutable. This modern day maxim, often quoted by Life Coach, Marie Forleo, sums up my January to a tee.

After hitting the ground running with track training, work projects, and mom-life, I quickly realized that without some changes, I’d soon run out of steam.

I’m typically a high performer with wide bandwidth however, my unusually high stress and low energy levels early in the new year indicated something was off. Despite being productive, I often felt depleted, as if a plug had been pulled from beneath my feet and all energy was draining out. Hard training days were the worst. I needed to figure this out.

By mid-month, I sat across from Naturopathic Doctor, Melissa Descouteaux, discussing the demands of my weekly track schedule and general feeling of exhaustion. As a result, we’d take an in-depth look at my diet and order blood work to help identify contributing factors. Aside from the low iron stores that have long been my norm, other vitamin and mineral deficiencies could be at play.

Supafitmama Stretch Session with Melissa Doldron

While I figure out when to actually get to the lab for that blood work, I’m working on better scheduling my amped up athlete, mom and entrepreneurial life. So far that’s meant stricter daily planning, carving out time for recovery (hello, epsom salt baths and stretch sessions with Melissa Doldron), and getting comfortable saying ‘no’ to anything that puts unwanted demand on my internal and external resources.

So while I’ve successfully completed one practice meet, three writing jobs, a body image photo shoot, and two health workshops, I’ve also declined and delayed a few other opportunities, including an exciting chance to travel in February.

I don’t expect to solve the puzzle right away, but I trust that with patience and effort (and finally getting that blood work), I’ll figure things out. You’ll know I did it when I start looking brighter-eyed in my Instagram pics ;-)


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