Būband Holds It Down

Literally and idiomatically, Būband is holding it down. From boobs to beliefs, this athletic brand is revolutionizing support for active girls and women.

Boobs first.

In my thirty year long attempt to lose the bounce, I have yet to find a sports bra I swear by. While some ‘high impact’ and ‘maximum support’ designs have come close, none have nixed the giggle of my d-cups during high intensity training. I’ve never understood why fitness wear companies can’t figure this out.

Enter the Būband: an athletic band designed by a woman who gets it, company Founder and CEO Lynne Koziey. While Lynne would word this more eloquently I’m sure, she essentially modernized what so many of us women do (or did as girls) intuitively.

In place of wearing two bras, she created a band that’s worn comfortably over a sports bra for added compression and support. It’s simple, genius, and it works.






During each of my Būband test runs – on the treadmill, spin bike, and powering up steep hills – I forgot about it. Once hooked and adjusted to fit snugly over my breasts, the band stayed put with a firm hold on my girls. There was no discomfort, no distraction, and finally, no bounce!

In an unplanned test, I once forgot my band, and continued with an indoor run. With just a sports bra on, the bounce was back at warm up pace. That secured it. My Būband would become a gym bag staple, joining the ranks of my earphones and lacrosse ball.

For those of you concerned with the aesthetics of your athletic support, I happened upon a pretty useful tip  The band does it’s job by pressing the girls down. If your bust line, like mine, is further south than you’d like, make sure the sport bra underneath offers some lift. Otherwise, the result could be an upside-down-melted-ice-cream-cone-shape that draws puzzled looks from your track coach. Or maybe that one’s just me.

On to beliefs.

As a brand, Būband believes in supporting active women, engaging girls in sport, promoting positive body image and building community. It’s these shared beliefs that brought us together, and more specifically, my CBC article that prompted Lynne to reach out.

Thumb through Būband’s Instagram posts and you’ll see they celebrate a healthy mix of real women engaged in awesome activities. Browse their recent blog articles and you’ll find education, inspiration and support for active teen girls.

So, should you get one?

There are great athletic brands out there with an array of bras for active women. But if like me, you’ve bounced from style to style and not found the support you need, Būband might be the solution.

While my band was complimentary, I’d say that at this point, forty dollars and ten minutes spent processing an online order are more inviting investments of my money and time than another frustrating fitting session.

Innovation, support and representation for girls and women in sport are so important. When not every company gets it right, it’s nice to see there’s one holding it down.

To learn more about Būband, visit their website.


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