Lose The Bounce – Part 2

The ups and downs of floppy breasts, charity cycling and shopping the Adidas outlet.

Continued from Lose The Bounce – Part 1

All Day I Dream About Support

Brrrzzzz. My cell phone buzzed against my desk before the single droplet sound alerted me to the new message. <Friends & Family sale at Adidias outlet. 50% off. Need anything?>

Arlene and I arrived at the Adidas outlet store shortly after the doors opened that Friday morning. We made a bee-line for the women’s clothing section, busy with strong, primary colour palettes and a distinctly athletic theme. The half mannequins dressed in crop tops boasted hard plastic abs, and a full-size female figurine, decked out in CrossFit gear, held a forward lunge while pressing big girl dumbbells overhead. Well played, Reebok, well played.


My sister, who’d already had a run at the three-day employee sale, taken with the expensive Stella McCartney line, left before talking herself into another purchase. I on the other hand, was prepared to stay as long as needed (or at least until noon when Arlene would return to give me a ride back from the suburbs.) I scanned the floor ready to enlist the help of a stripe-wearing professional. In a deliberately non-prejudicial move, I approached the young, curly haired guy standing beside the women’s tops. I didn’t want to assume that sizing a sport bra for a 40-year old, ample busted woman was beyond his scope, though I suspected as much. “Can you or someone else help me out with sport bras?” He politely asked me to hang on, then took off, as quickly and awkwardly as a teenage boy at the mention of tampons, to get me more qualified assistance. Don’t say I didn’t try.20160429_101617-2

Nadia, a sporty looking blonde, understood my plight and locked arms with me on my mission. Although she didn’t look particularly well endowed, I trusted that as a midfield soccer player she was accustomed to physical movement beyond striding on an elliptical machine. Nadia wrangled six or seven different colourful styles and sizes, which I wrestled my way in and out of. Thankfully the change room, decorated with an enlarged image of muddy women climbing obstacle course walls, rivaled the size of a small condo with plenty of wriggle room, which I quite literally needed as I shimmied my hips and arms in and out of the unforgiving lycra contraptions.

I heard stitching tear as the super cute RB High Impact stretched over my shoulders. And the expensive white Stella McCartney bra that looked so good on the rack was so tight that I couldn’t avoid smearing N70 foundation on the collar as I fought my way out of it. Black girl problems. And I kid you not. There was one style that got completely stuck midway around my lats. Unable to shimmy it up or down, I seriously didn’t know what to do. After what felt like minutes wrapped in a mess of lyrca, I contemplated walking right out of the change room for help. With my luck, the young curly haired guy would be standing by the racks outside the room and take off in fright leaving me exposed for all the meandering customers to see, until Nadia returned. Since utter embarrassment wasn’t an option for me, I persisted and somehow released myself from the evil grip of the bra from hell.

Victory at Last

20160429_163749While many of the bras fit like S&M wear, I did fall in love with one which was snug but a better fit for my body: the Adidas RB Bra Triax in a red and blue geometric print. This pretty little number was designed with the same technologies as the other styles, including ‘climacool’ (moisture-wicking technology) fabric. Although the straps were not adjustable, the mesh racerback and smaller A/B size seemed to offer enough support. Light foam pads helped create the shape I was looking for in those gym selfies without turning me into a dis-proportioned Instagram star, if you know what I mean. And the top was cut high enough that I wasn’t spilling out. I beamed in the mirror loving how the style and colours looked on me as I conducted my highly scientific bounce test followed by the spin class -inspired bent over cleavage check. All looked good, but the real test would be in that evening’s KTX cycle class, which promised to be off the chain. At sixty-five dollars, the purchase wouldn’t break the bank but the 50% off employee pricing that my sister hooked up sure sweetened the deal.

Adidas High ImpactThere was one other style that Nadia recommended and swore by herself: the fifty dollar Adidas High Impact bra with adjustable velcro straps above the cups, plus three hook-and-eye closures in the back. Unfortunately that gem was out of stock but kudos to Nadia for what she did next. Not only did this young woman know sports, she had also mastered customer service. I left the fitting area with my Triax in hand, along with the model number for the High Impact bra, a mental note of where to find it, and a 50% coupon so I could purchase it from another store at the same discounted price. Sweet! In the meantime, I was confident that me and the girls would keep up with Keith Thompson’s wild up, down, left, right, twerking KTX madness that night, and totally lose the bounce.

Been there, done that? Tell me which brand you wear for your sports and fitness activities.

Still looking for a winner? Here are some of my personal shopping tips, especially for C/D cups.

Happy training!

supafitmama sport bra tips - final

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